Where the Frenchies Roam

It all started with a /\__/\

I mean seriously. How could you not? Just love that face, it doesn't matter the color size or shape.. the iconic ears steal the show! Falling in love with French Bulldogs wasn't hard! It was finding quality health along with all that cuteness!

After over a year of searching...

for the perfect DNA along with the health to match... Odin of Valhalla Fields was born! Not even months later Freyja of Valhalla Fields stole the show. 

Standards should not be minimum

All of our puppies come with

  • AKC registration
  • DNA color testing
  • Health Certificate with Shots
  • 1 year health guarantee*
  • Puppy Packet with info for you & your new Frenchie


All of our Frenchies are pre-spoiled by 3 little princess' who treat them like royalty. Indoors at all times of course :) and take up everyone's lap and seat on the couch.